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Tonight, a friend joins us to babble about our top game heroes, and is introduced with her own theme song. We think everyone deserves a theme song which plays whenever they make an appearance... and not just on our podcast. Join our cause!

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We have a weakness for spandex, so decide to chat about heroes that have made the leap from ink to screen. There are more than we can possibly cover in one show, but that’s never stopped us before. This episode is brought to you by my kung fu action grip.

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Tonight, we chat about books that have been made into films, and whether or not we've enjoyed the results. And you thought we couldn't read, didn't you? Along the way, we also feature a song from Antiqcool, a band from the U.K. Learn more about them at

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Tonight, we continue our look at villains, turning to the world of video games. Along the way, we discuss being eaten by ghosts, and also manage to squeeze in a review of Call of Duty: World at War. This podcast is brought to you by That Amazing Stuff We Had Last Night.

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This week, we celebrate movie villains that we love to hate, and hate to love. Somehow, we also manage to dredge up a television baddie or two, and another from an anime series. So, give in to the dark side, and join us! And remember- this week's podcast is brought to you by square pancakes.

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Tonight, we babble about games that have been made into films, ones we would like to see filmed, and the correct pronunciation of Uwe. So, download your episode today, and remember that this week only, rutabagas are half-price.

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Tonight, we babble about silly moments in movies that derail our enjoyment of the films. From nuking the fridge to running from wind, we bring you a laundry list of shame. And remember, each download of this episode earns you a gold star.

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This week, we share a mini-cast of love for the game Oblivion. There was so much to talk about that I didn't have enough space for some great bumper music I had lined up from the game, or a touching introduction to The Adoring Fan, either. It's not all bad, though. Every download of this episode increases your strength by one.

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Tonight we discuss the aftermath of the first annual Zombie Walk, and babble about a few of our favorite movie monsters. Remember, each episode comes with a free side salad.

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This week, we babble about some of our favorite gaming moments, including a few multiplayer ones we've shared.
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This week, we actually stay on topic, and offer up dual Top 5 lists of favorite movie cliches. We also review Speed Racer on DVD, and introduce our flabble review scale.

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In our introductory mini-episode, we discuss the future of our podcast, how to quickly determine the population of any given country, and whether or not Stalker's Corner is a viable segment idea.

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