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Many episodes ago, we started our journey through the Friday the 13th movie franchise by chopping up the original film. Finally, we continue this journey by covering Part 2 and Part 3. Steve Miner directed both, with the latter taking advantage of the short-lived 3D revival of the early 80s. How well did he do? Listen in, and find out! This episode is brought to you by Games with Pucks.
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Some movies are so bad that they beg to be laughed at with friends. Tonight, we cover two! Our look at Santa Claus (1959) and Starcrash (1978). Marvel at Santa's disregard for child labor laws. Shake in anticipation of Stella Star's next costume change. This episode is brought to you by Not So Hard Labor.
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Tonight is an odd combination of movies, freaturing bugs and bats. Our look at both Starship Troopers and The Dark Knight Rises. Medic! This episode is brought to you by Very Special Effects.
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