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Freddy Krueger is invading our dreams, and we may never sleep again. Eight films have featured this spectral burn victim, and it will take two episodes to cover them all. Join us for a look at the first four Nightmare on Elm Street movies. This episode is brought to you by Caffeine.

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It's time for a second dose of game music! The greatness of a game is often heard in its soundtrack, and tonight we each share four personal favorites. It's like plugging joy into your brainpan. This week's episode is brought to you by Happy Ears.

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Reagan was in the White House, Thriller was storming the airwaves, and the box office was bigger than ever. Tonight, we sit down for a month-by-month look at the amazing number of great films released in 1984. Join us, and learn why it was One Great Year. This episode is brought to you by Leg Warmers. 

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Gamers are known for going to extremes for a high score or achievement, and the Cavebabblers are no exception. Tonight, we babble about some of the sillier things we've done to reach goals in games. Join us! This week's episode is brought to you by Gotta Do It.

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