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Pirates have stolen our camera, and filmed a train wreck! Join us for in-depth reviews and banter about Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and Super 8. Also featured is the latest Cavebabble Eats Odd Things, starring ground cherries. This episode is brought to you by Spoilers.

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Whether new or old, we sit down for a chat about the games making our current playlists. Classics- Black & White. Sequels- Far Cry 2. Odd Zelda clones- 3D Dot Game Heroes. Facebook games- Gardens of Time.

Nintendo kick started the next generation of games consoles with the announcement of the Nintendo Wii U, due in 2012. We chat about this new system, but can't imagine it being more exciting than the latest urinal games technology just announced by SEGA.

Finally, we share Cavebabble Facebook comments and  listener email, and a new addition to the Cavebabble Eats Odd Things series: Rose-flavored gum from Japan.

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Four legends. Four films. Four Babblers. It's fate! Cryptozoology meets low budget filmmaking on tonight's Cavebabble.
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