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Proving that you never know when sharks will fall from the skies once more, Fin Shepard must save New York from Sharknado 2: The Second One. More tornadoes. More sharks. More cheese. Join us! This episode is brought to you by You Know They Had To Make It.

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Director Christopher Nolen implores us to renew our quest for the stars in his time-bending science fiction epic, Interstellar. Join us for a spoiler-filled look at the film. This episode is brought to you by Tick Tick Tick.


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John Crichton accidentally opens a wormhole, and finds himself on a living alien ship, surrounded by Henson creations. Tonight, we take a look at the 1999 pilot episode of the wildly-imaginative science fiction television series, Farscape. Join us! This episode is brought to you by Watery Wormholes.

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Anthony Lamberti from Mashed Up Madness joins for a chat about his adventures as a paranormal investigator... and more. Ghosts, bus rides from hell, and our first verified meatloaf recipe. Join us! This episode is brought to you by Anybody Home?

Check out Anthony's podcast! Mashed Up Madness may be found at, on iTunes, and on Stitcher.

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History, humor, and the macabre combine for a double feature of murder and manhood. Burke & Hare learn the business of bodies in 1800's Scotland, and The Final Member searches for the crowning exhibit of its phallological collection in modern Iceland. Join us us if you dare! This episode is brought to you by Parts Is Parts.

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Paranormal investigations meet gastroinstestinal invaders in the first of our October double features, Grave Encounters and Bad Milo. Come for the ghosts, and stay for the bizarre comedy. You have been warned! This episode is brought to you by Please Stay Home.

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Join us for an in-depth look at the bizarre true account of The Galapagos Affair (2013), a tale of adventure, death, and the devil in paradise. This episode is brought to you by Only The Tortoise Knows.

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Cavebabble turns 200 episodes and 6 years old, and to celebrate, all the Babblers gather around the feeble light of a single candle. From The Midnight Game to the ghosts of Columbia College, it's time for more stories in the dark. This episode is brought to you by Knock On Wood.

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The Babblers jump in the car for a road trip to Colorado, stopping at odd sights along the way. From atomic cannons to echoing canyons, we see and babble about it all. Join us! This episode is brought to you by Where The Heart Is.

Music clips include:
Sunshine by Kink Ador
Fight, Tiger (Mizzou fight song)
Don't Play That Song (You Lied) by Aretha Franklin
Dust in the Wind by Kansas
Urinals by Bobby Ellis
Windmills by Toad the Wet Sprocket
Train Song by Charlie Hope
Good Land from the Star Trek episode The Way to Eden
Van Gogh Song from William Shakespeare's Mom
I Love Egg (Korean song)
Clowns Are Experts at Making Us Laugh by The Vandals
The Mosquito Song by The MrBrown Show
Chicago Bulls Theme by The Allan Parsons Project
The Denver Song by Jewel
Palomino by Mates of State
Hometown Glory by Adele
The Bargain Shop by Poor Bailey
Going Home by Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt
That's Doc Holliday by Joe Bethancourt
Dinosaur Song by Johnny Cash
The Cicada's Song by Autopilot Off
Home by Marc Broussard

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Allan Quatermain is here to go where Indiana Jones has gone before! Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone ham it up in King Solomon's Mines, and Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold. Pure 80s cheese on tonight's Cavebabble. This episode is brought to you by Lost Another Askari.

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Timid humans and intergalactic aliens hit the road in Paul, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. We prepare for a trip of our own by babbling about both films. Join us! This episode is brought to you by Ordinary Adventurers.

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Tonight, we enjoy the latest Bond adventure, Skyfall, and end our trip through the spying world of 007. Well, at least until the next film arrives. Join us! This episode is brought to you by Scotland Looks Cold.

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Daniel Craig tracks down the Quantum of Solace in this 22nd 007 adventure. From Europe to South America, join us for a globe-hopping Bond adventure. Also includes Eric's latest song, Stormrider. This episode is brought to you by Shadows.

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College life is great, until the space slugs show up. Join the full Babble cast for a look at the 1986 cult horror classic, Night of the Creeps, directed by Fred Dekker. This episode is brought to you by Hungry Coroners.

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007 has a new Daniel Craig face, and is deadlier than ever in the 21st Bond adventure, Casino Royale. Even spies play cards. This episode is brought to you by Not Enough Ice In The World.

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Pierce Brosnan takes his final bow as Bond, teaming up with Halle Berry to Die Another Day. Join us for a look at the 20th 007 adventure. This episode is brought to you by Instant Sunburn.

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In 1954, Toho unleashed Gojira upon Japan, and the world has never been the same. Join us as we watch both the original Gojira, as well as the 2014 Godzilla, directed by Gareth Edwards. This episode is brought to you by Hiding In Plain Sight.

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The World is Not Enough for King Industries, and 007 must save the day. Join us for the 19th Bond adventure, featuring oil pipelines, hot nuclear scientists, and things that go boom. Also includes Eric's latest untitled song. This episode is brought to you by Lobe Loss.

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The Red Planet is a harsh place to be stranded, even if you have a monkey companion. Join us for the 1964 classic sci-fi adventure, Robinson Crusoe on Mars. Positively filled with flaming meteors, and farting rocks. This episode is brought to you by That Same Explosion.

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A flood is coming, and Darren Aronofsky has a new way to show it. Join us for a look at Noah, a divisive, modern twist on the biblical storyThis episode is brought to you by Rockin' Ents.

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Brosnan is back as Bond, and out to stop a mad media mogul from starting a war in Tomorrow Never Dies. Join us for a look at this 007 adventure from 1997. This episode is brought to you by Old Media.

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Smooth spies, and killer thighs. Brosnan is Bond, and he is Onatopp of the spy world in GoldenEye. Join us for the seventeenth 007 adventure! This episode is brought to you by Bad Boromir.
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Our trip through the Bond films continues with the final adventure of Timothy Dalton, Licence to Kill. See why sharks should never be invited on your honeymoon! This episode is brought to you by Happy Legless.
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It's time for giant foods, and some with moods! Join us for a romp through both Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs animated movies. Steve can't wait! This episode is brought to you by Gastrointestinal Distress.
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Tonight, we fly to Europe for two comedies featuring fine foods. Mostly Martha from Germany, and Romantics Anonymous from France. Join us! There is plenty of room at the table. This episode is brought to you by Mmmm.
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Tonight, we set sail with Robert Redford in All is Lost, and the Norwegian crew of Kon-Tiki. So grab your sextant, and join us for heavy storms and high seas adventure! This episode is brought to you by Not A Drop To Drink.
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Timothy Dalton takes over as Bond in The Living Daylights. Join us for this 1987 adventure, as well as Good Bye Lenin!, a 2003 German dramatic comedy. This episode is brought to you by Cello Abuse.
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Join us on a trip back to 1985 for madmen, microchips, and May Day. It's time for Roger Moore's final Bond adventure, A View to a Kill. Also includes Headlong, another song from Eric's latest album. This episode is brought to you by Bloodshot Blue Eyes.
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It's time to explore the galaxy in Starbound, an independent game being developed by Chucklefish, a small UK studio. So, stow your mining gear, and join us on the bridge as we head for the stars. This episode is brought to you by Digging And Digging.
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Sean Connery returns as a competing Bond in 1983's Never Say Never Again. Join us as we compare 007 adventures. Also includes mini reviews of Frozen and The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. This episode is brought to you by Sean in Bibs.
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