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We hope you're hungry, because it's time for a second feast of foreign films. We serve up seven warm movies for your enjoyment tonight, ranging from Japanese to Mexican to German. Enjoy your meal! This podcast is brought to you by yellow subtitles.

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Tonight, we take on the role of video game developers. We've brainstormed four new game ideas we can't wait to run with. So, grab a cool beverage, and prepare for our pitch. This week's podcast is brought to you by Pong.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of genetics in film. We have everything you need to get your mutant off to a promising start. Join us for a discussion of six movies, all of which mess with the building blocks of life. This podcast is brought to you by My Third Arm.

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Nearly 13 years ago, the Pokemon craze was hatched in Japan. Today, we sit down to chat about the games, and groan over the various animated versions. Along the way, we also cover a few rival projects inspired by the success of the Pocket Monsters. This podcast is brought to you by the Master Ball. Use it wisely.

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