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Amber, Courtney and Kevin join us for what is supposed to be another Stories in the Dark episode, but which quickly descends into tales of dogs, odd sleep habits, and flatulence. No, we can't believe we are releasing them, either. We saved you a seat, if you dare! Also features Harmonics, one of the tunes from my latest CD. This episode is brought to you by Snoring Peanuts.
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Like most Netflix users, we have a huge Instant Streaming queue, filled with titles which we may never watch. Thanks to me, our queue also is filled with movies Valerie doesn't recognize. It's time for a challenge! By title alone, can Valerie describe the plots of seven random films from our list? And once she learns the actual plots, can I convince her to watch these films with me? Can I convince you, as well? Purely for the fun of it! This episode is brought to you by Waiting In Line.
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