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When Netflix infamously split its disk and streaming services, we decided to stick with streaming only. The final movie to arrive at our home was The American, and the ladies weren't very happy about it. They assumed it was a typical action film, and not worthy of our final rental spot. The film ended up not being exactly what they thought it would be, but was close enough to make their point.

How predictable are the plots of movies Eric likes to watch?

To answer this question, we devised a game. Eric would share titles of several films he recently watched via Netflix streaming. Based solely on these titles, the rest of the Babblers would have to guess what the films were about. Finally, Eric would share the actual plots, and review each film.

Cross Netflix streams with us, and dream up your own plot for these films! Also included is the latest Cavebabble Eats Odd Things. This episode is brought to you by Every Action Movie Ever.


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It's Friday the 13th, and Camp Crystal Lake is in need of repair. And body bags. A Voorhees is on the loose, and counselors are an endangered species. Join us for a look at the original Friday the 13th. This episode is brought to you by Sex & Slaughter.
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