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Join us on a trip back to 1985 for madmen, microchips, and May Day. It's time for Roger Moore's final Bond adventure, A View to a Kill. Also includes Headlong, another song from Eric's latest album. This episode is brought to you by Bloodshot Blue Eyes.
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It's time to explore the galaxy in Starbound, an independent game being developed by Chucklefish, a small UK studio. So, stow your mining gear, and join us on the bridge as we head for the stars. This episode is brought to you by Digging And Digging.
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Sean Connery returns as a competing Bond in 1983's Never Say Never Again. Join us as we compare 007 adventures. Also includes mini reviews of Frozen and The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. This episode is brought to you by Sean in Bibs.
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