Cavebabble Podcast
Sharks and monsters are ravaging the Pacific coasts, and it will take all four Babblers to beat them back. Join us for a look at the ridiculous Sharknado, and the towering Pacific Rim. This episode is brought to you by Heavy Rain.
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The Man with the Golden Gun has his sights on James Bond, and a bullet with his name on it. Join us for a look at this 007 spy adventure. Also includes Mechanidance, a track from Eric's upcoming CD. This episode is brought to you by Triple Nipples.
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Ninjas on motorcycles are making it unsafe for martial arts rock bands! Join us as we laugh and kick our way through the 1987 howler The Miami Connection. Korean taekwondo master Y.K Kim directs and leads a no-star cast of shirtless friends against the ninjas of central Florida. The state and the world may never be the same. This episode is brought to you by Orpens.
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