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How well do the science fiction television shows from the past hold up today? Based solely on pilot episodes, would we still want to watch the series? We've covered the world of Star Trek. Now it's time to widen our scope. Our look at sci-fi pilots continues with seaQuest DSV, the 1993 undersea series starring Roy Scheider. Join us! This episode is brought to you by Skin Suits.
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Ten short years after Sam Raimi's reinvention of Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man returns to the big screen. Is it too soon for a return to the origin story? Join us for a look at the entire film. Also included in this episode is the return of Cavebabble Eats Odd Things, and listener email. This episode is brought to you by Bites.
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Honest Abe swings a mean axe. Just ask the vampires. Tonight we take a look at Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Warning- spoilers ahead! This episode is brought to you by Forks.
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