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Tonight, we bring fifteen movie creatures to the ring for five rounds of monster mayhem. Three monsters enter. One monster leaves. Welcome to Monsterdome. This episode is brought to you by Scales 'N Tales.

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Alone at the wheel of our podcast car this week, I share recordings from our whirlwind drive to South Carolina, as well as three favorite road trip films. You're welcome to hop in, but remember- no back seat driving. This episode is brought to you by Skunk & Numbutt.

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Set the dial to 1999, and travel back a decade in our time machine. It was a great year for film, and each of us has chosen two favorites to champion. Back in our own time, we also preview a handful of upcoming releases. Join us! This week's episode is brought to you by Feeling Old.

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Predators are on hunt, and we just may lose our skulls! Tonight, we discuss the Predator films, including the two with acid-blooded enemies. Remember, they won't kill you if you aren't armed. Right? This episode is brought to you by Glowing Blood.

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