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Liz makes her triumphant return to the cast, just in time to sing with us. We cover six musicals, yet somehow the conversation includes Sylvester Stalone, Tony Stark, and the X-Men. Join us! The song at the end of the show is Tikal, from my latest album. This week's podcast is brought to you by High B Flat.

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As in film, the right music in video games sets the mood, and drives the action. Tonight, we each choose three great game soundtracks to discuss. So, bring your headphones, and plug in! This week's podcast is brought to you by the Soundtrack of Life.

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We love foreign films, and for this episode, we both choose three favorites to discuss. At least one of our picks is bound to be your cup of tea, so jump in! The water is warm. This episode is brought to you by The Fly on the Red Chair.

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