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The Babblers return to the TARDIS, and travel through time with David Tennant's Doctor. Martha Jones is also along for the ride, as we discuss season three of this science fiction television classic. We recorded audio for both season/series three and four, but the show was so long that we decided to break it into two parts. This episode is brought to you by Getting it Right.
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TC Kirkham and Kim Brown, hosts of Subject: Cinema, join forces with the Cavebabblers to discuss four terrible films.

A few weeks back, we shared a list of bad films for the other hosts to be subjected to. Now is the time to get together and chat about them. Four movies are featured: Deadly DuoThe Impossible KidBirdemic: Shock and Awe, and Kung Fu Arts.

It's the first meeting of our podcast minds, but not the last. Look for our second crossover show in August!

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