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Tonight, we continue our look at villains, turning to the world of video games. Along the way, we discuss being eaten by ghosts, and also manage to squeeze in a review of Call of Duty: World at War. This podcast is brought to you by That Amazing Stuff We Had Last Night.

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This week, we celebrate movie villains that we love to hate, and hate to love. Somehow, we also manage to dredge up a television baddie or two, and another from an anime series. So, give in to the dark side, and join us! And remember- this week's podcast is brought to you by square pancakes.

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Tonight, we babble about games that have been made into films, ones we would like to see filmed, and the correct pronunciation of Uwe. So, download your episode today, and remember that this week only, rutabagas are half-price.

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Tonight, we babble about silly moments in movies that derail our enjoyment of the films. From nuking the fridge to running from wind, we bring you a laundry list of shame. And remember, each download of this episode earns you a gold star.

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